World's Largest Blue Topaz Named After the Town of Marbella

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largest blue topaz in the world


The largest blue topaz to be found anywhere in the world has been named after the Mediterranean resort town of Marbella in Spain.  The name was decided on following requests made by Marbella's Mayoress and major town dignitaries, with the aim of stimulating the Costa del Sol town's economy and encouraging regional cultural development.

The 'Marbella' topaz is an exceptional 8,225-carat gemstone whose breathtaking perfection lies not only in its purity, magnificent colour and transparency but also in its expertly-crafted oval cut.  While larger topazes have been found (notably the 31,000-carat 'El Dorado', considered to be the world's largest, most perfect cut gemstone, the 25,250-carat 'Lua de Marabá' ('Moon of Marabá'), and the 9,600-carat 'Amarelo'('Yellow')) the stone, whose permanent home will be in Marbella, will shortly set off on an extended world tour, hopefully helping to raise the profile of the town on the international stage and provide Marbella with an exotic and fabulous new ambassador.

Spain originally purchased the stone from Russian dealers at the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show, Arizona, in 2001, to add to it's significant collection of flawless gemstones.



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