Update: recent progress made by the Australian East Timorese Association in Sydney

Added over 9 years ago

Alix Mandelson, spokeswoman for the Australian East Timor Association is helping the employees of pharmaceutical company Janssen-Cilag raise monies for the women of East Timor.

As part of a company-wide initiative, the 340 employees of Janssen-Cilag across Australia and New Zealand were divided into teams of ten and given a goal: to raise monies for the Mary Mackillop East Timor Charity over the next 3 months.  One team in particular approached Alix after reading our article on the plight of the women of East Timor and the work that Alix is doing there in conjunction with Tricia Johns.  The team’s fundraising idea was to sell products made in East Timor to colleagues, friends and family, raising awareness of the plight of the people, and donating all profits to the charity.

For further details regarding the Janssen-Cilag fundraiser, please contact  Emma Warren (02 8875 3386) or Sharon Leadbitter (02 8875 3289).


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