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By Fajar Hamid


The Vietnamese have a very rich history. Their existence dates back to the stone ages, and so does their art. Over the ages the Vietnamese arts have been influenced by many a culture but most dominantly they show slight traits of Chinese and French cultures. Yet after the influences of colonization, the Vietnamese artifacts retain their originality as well as their delicate craft work.

The Vietnamese are most known for the handmade artifacts that they create, ranging from intricately carved wall hangings to the minutely detailed jewelry. The best thing about Vietnamese artists is the patience and love they show to their work. Each of their artifacts is made by paying equal amounts of attention and thus the result is always one of finesse and art.


Vietnamese artists like To Ngoc Van, who painted the famous A girl by lilies in 1943 are not as famous as their work demands them to be. The reason that these artists were not able to leave a mark equivalent to their work in the world is because they could not preserve their culture as a separate entity. The influence of external cultures is so dominant in their art that the Vietnamese part of it is almost seen as nonexistent. When studying world art they are an anonymity under western art. This anonymity and the effect of external cultures on Vietnamese art have led to a worldwide conclusion that the Vietnamese artists are less known than they deserve to be.

I myself am a great fan of Vietnamese artifacts and I usually find that even the shopkeepers who keep these artifacts view them as of a Chinese or Japanese origin rather than Vietnamese. What’s sad is that people who sell their artifacts do not understand the creativity and the hard work that goes into creating a single piece. The Vietnamese depend on handmade artifacts and though their artifacts market does well, they are not given their due share of praise by international buyers.

I believe that as a fan of Vietnamese artifacts, it is my duty as well as the duty of all those people who admire the finesse and mastery of Vietnamese artists that we should market not only their products but also their talent to the wide world. We should be their voice and shatter their anonymity so they are known as a separate and independent arch of art, because it is this art that is their honor, their pride and most of all their identity.



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